2 comments on “Four Weeks after My Kidney Donation

  1. Thank you for doing this blog, it has been very informative. I’m donating a kidney to my uncle a week from today and am a bit nervous. I’ve started a blog too and plan to be honest as well about the experience. I plan to return to work after 2-3 weeks but my job is mostly desk work and I ride the train into downtown. How active we’re you before the donation? I am an avid runner and strength train regularly. I’m curious how that will help my recoverybn

  2. jenilind – First of all, I apologize that I haven’t updated this blog lately. I will do that! Please feel free to reach out to me as you prepare for your surgery. I’ll check out your blog. I could have returned to work after two weeks, but I was glad I took the extra week – just to be sure I didn’t overdo it. I was running up to 12 miles before my donation. Now, after two months, I am back up to 6 miles w/no problems. I do get tired in the evening a lot. But I also get up early (3-4 am) most mornings. Your training will definitely help your recovery. You are well placed to have no problem!

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