7 comments on “Preparing for the Desert

  1. What a great tribute to Craig! Hope he reads your blog. Good luck and swim, bike, run your own race! You WILL ba an Ironman!

  2. Yes, very honoring to your amazing husband! Looking forward to being there to cheer both of you on and hug you after you cross that finish line! “Jennifer Barnabee, you ARE an Ironman!”

  3. Getting ready for this Ironman as been a give and take experience. I would have to say I got more out of training with Jenn than she did training with me. For once I followed a training plan. Lost weight and got in better shape all due to Jenn. She didn’t push but led by example. While out running one day she noted that she really thought I wouldn’t follow the plan with her and was surprised now that I was sometimes the one saying we needed to run or ride a little further. We each have had our days doing that and its been great having your best friend to train with …watching her get stronger and stronger all the time. Anybody that knows me knows over the years I have trained very little for my prior races. I merely SURVIVED off of natural ability however that was starting to fail me. I gained weight and my health was not the greatest. It was about this time that Jenn stepped up her racing despite selflessly donating a kidney. I think her donating the kidney made her realize she too needed to take better care of herself which she did. It was a win win journey. Again she didn’t push but led and together we have both gotten better about what we eat, drink and how we train.

    Jenn claims I’m the one constantly helping others and I may to some extent but she is the one always volunteering to help out with various groups and charities to the point I sometimes say “don’t feel you need to raise your hand” if it looks as though someone needs someone to step up and take over something.

    Running this race is going to different. I usually only have to concentrate on myself. This time I will be wondering how Jenn is doing. I think anyone that has done one of these races will tell you that the swim is the most nerve wrenching. When you have 2000 plus people swimming for one buoy people tend to get kicked, punched, and swam over…mostly unintentionally. Additionally my legs tend to cramp in the swim so I’m always relieved to exit the water and get on the bike. This time I won’t feel safe till Jenn has exited the water….maybe she will before me though so I won’t have to worry. Usually I swim faster than she does but at distance in a race due to my cramping she ends up having a better swim.

    It would be great if we ended up on the run together but I think we both agree that we need to race our own race and see where it ends up. Not going your own pace can be painful in many ways. We finished Jenn’s first 1/2 Ironman together. We started off in waves, me before her. Her swim was faster than mine, her bike just a hair slower and she eventually caught me on the run. From there we leap frogged for a bit and then eventually settled in supporting each other through the final miles to the end. This time we start off together and will have several opportunities along the course to see one another. Jenn is a smarter racer, her pace is strong and constant and if she hits a low she is able to recover. My pace tends to be more haphazard. Again leading through example though Jenn has taught me to pace myself a bit more.

    I will have one driving force this race and that is to finish before or with Jenn so I can be there for when she crosses the finish line. We will have to see how that plays out. Either way I couldn’t be more proud or honored in having Jenn for a wife. I may set the bar for many of our activities but she continuously surpasses any expectations.

  4. Wow. What a beautiful honoring of your wife, Craig. Both of your supportive attitudes and loving dispositions for one another will carry you guys a very long way in this demanding but rewarding adventure! Press on toward the goal!

  5. I just found your blog today and I wanted to wish you all the best in the IMAZ. I too leave will be heading to AZ in a few weeks…a trip to the Mayo Clinic for my evaluation to be a kidney donor for my brother. Thanks for sharing your journey. Go get it ookgirl! God Bless.

    • Patrick – I’m not sure if my other reply got posted… It is a wonderful thing that you are doing for your brother. Just trying to see if you can donate is a huge gesture. If you have any questions that I can answer, let me know. Best wishes.

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