5 comments on “There’s No Turning Back Now

  1. Hey Jenn –

    Congrats on getting into the race. Two coincidences (haha): 1) I’m from Baltimore. 2) I live 10 miles north of the GG Bridge and my office is in the Presidio of SF and looks right out at Alcatraz. Not sure how soon you’ll arrive before race day but I’d be happy to give you and your hubby a tour of the hills around Mt. Tam. I just rode them yesterday (42mi, 5500ft climbing) and THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL! You probably know all about the “start” of that race and that part sounds the scariest to me. You also know the part about ‘aim for downtown and you’ll wind up at the Marina Green’. Aim for ‘Marina Green and you’ll be seeing the GG Bridge from below’. Send me an email. I can probably get Craig hooked up with a bike and/or he can borrow mine if you only plan on bringing your race bike.

    Best of luck on your training. Ten days to the transplant…deep breath.

    • Wow, Patrick! That’s awesome. How many coincidences can we have? πŸ™‚ It would be great to meet up while we are out there. Craig would love to ride those hills. So, we may take you up on that! I definitely have you in my thoughts leading up to your donation. Let me know if you have any last-minute questions that I might be able to shed light on. -Jenn

    • Hi Patrick – I realized later that I don’t have your email address or any other way to check in with you. So, I hope you get this somehow. I would love to know how your surgery went. Please comment if you see this! Hoping for the best! -Jenn

      • Hey Jenn –

        I thought you could see my email address as I have to enter it to comment. It’s patmikemid@yahoo.com.

        I’m safely back in the Bay Area recovering. My brother is doing well. I am happy to be home but I have some follow up that I have to do that makes me wish I was closer to the transplant hospital. I have faith everything will be okay but I still require treatment that involves more than just R&R. That said, no regrets whatsoever.

        I feel good and my brother is definitely much better than prior to his surgery. He dropped 20 lbs in fluid after the transplant. They said my kidney was beautiful :).

        The magnitude of this journey is sometimes hidden and sometimes rolls over me like a wave at Mavericks.

        Happy to converse more via email. Thanks for reaching out.


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