2 comments on “Shouts to the Out!

  1. Great to stumble on your blog; really enjoyed reading about your preparations for Escape from Alcatraz. How did it go? I’m sure your post-event posting is imminent.

    Thanks for promoting organ donation both through your personal example and through your blog. I am the recipient of two living-related kidney transplants: first from my brother in 1984 and then from my wife in 2005. I am certain I would not be here but for their generosity.

    I too participated in the 2014 Escape triathlon, just one of many accomplishments that would not have been possible without my kidney donors. As the bike leg on a relay team, I had it easy compared with you. Nonetheless, I was very happy that my preparations led to a new personal best of 57:16 on the bike course that I rode for the seventh year in a row.

    Keep up the good work. Best of luck accomplishing your next goal!

    • Randy – Thanks for your comment on my blog! And congrats on the PB for the Alcatraz bike course; that is an impressive time for a tough course! What a wonderful story you have! I hope to post a follow-up on the race soon. It was not as tough as I thought it would be, but still an amazing experience! Cheers,

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