6 comments on “Not Impervious

  1. Oh, Jen! I’m so sorry (and I’ll admit terrified!!) to read this. As a 2-year in OOKster as you call it, I had a scary trip to the ER recently as well. I’ve been getting terrible headaches and when they checked my BP, it was way up. Fluids and a visit to my PCP did the trick for now, I suspect based on the pounding in my chest last night that it’s still elevated. I hate this and honestly feel pretty let down. And angry about how easy some people make it all sound. 😦

    Thanks for sharing and it sugar coating any part of your experience. It’s important.

    Feel bette! Xoxo

  2. Thanks, Jenn, for sharing your experiences. Talking about these things can, and does, bring comfort and encouragement to others walking through the same, or similar, things…

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