5 comments on “Have You A Kidney to Spare?

  1. What a beautiful post! Thank you Jenn. Hopefully, a live donor will come forward.

    I feel the same way. Of course, even if I had one to donate, I doubt they would think it suitable, even if it was a match. At my age, it would be a downgrade! You are a true hero, darling, and I hope many, many people read and share your post.

    Love you so much, Mom

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  2. Oh, Jenn. This post is very encouraging, uplifting and inspiring.
    We are joining you in praying for a “fabulous, vivacious, energetic, enthusiastic kidney”!
    Thank you for posting this and thank you, especially for your tribute to Daniel with the Pink Floyd quote at the end. You’re a treasured gift to us all.
    Thankful for you.

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