4 comments on “More Than Four Months Post-Surgery

  1. Jenn,
    Glad to see your post on your progress. I’m a little over two months from my donation and just started back running and strength training. I’ve noticed the increased tiredness too, can be frustrating. But it is good to know other donors are experiencing the same, not something to be concerned about. I’m hoping to get back to triathlons this summer and look forward to hearing how you do! Take care, Jeni Lind

    • Hi Jeni – It’s great to know how well you are doing also! Good luck with your training. Just listen to your body. Swimming has gone really well, and I’m up to 3,000 meters with an an average time of 1:46 for my 100s. Biking has gone okay. The most I’ve ridden is 40 miles on a rolling-hill course. I’m still getting used to hillier courses. I average about 16 mph, sometimes 17 mph. Running feels like the weakest area right now. I’ve only run up to 10k so far. Not necessarily because I don’t feel like I can go further, I just haven’t yet. My best 10k so far has been :50:17 last Sunday. My first race is very hilly on both the bike and run; so I’m nervous about that. This year will be a learning experience for sure. You are smart to do the weight training; that’s one thing I haven’t worked on. I look forward to hearing how you do also!!

  2. I am just in awe of you both doing triathalons at all! I have both kidneys and do not have the guts to try one….maybe I should. Go Jen(s)!!

    • Renee – if you want to try a tri, I will be there to help you! You are a great friend, and I really have appreciated all your moral support. I know you know what it’s like with your sister having been a donor. I’ll see you on Saturday for the road cleanup!

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