8 comments on “Kidney Donation + Ironman = Why and Other Questions

  1. It will be the one-year anniversary of my kidney donation on February 16 and I feel as close to normal as I think I ever will be. Thank you for keeping the blog, it has helped me to know what to expect. I’ve completed several races, including a half marathon, since the donation. Like you, it took time to get back to my pace but I remained patient and determined. It never ceases to amaze me what our bodies are capable of. If anything, I now push myself harder than before the donation. I look forward to future challenges!

    • Jeni – Congrats on your races and your upcoming donation anniversary! I should mention that now that I am beyond the one-year post-donation mark, I have been feeling stronger and not as tired. I still don’t know if I’ll get my running pace back all the way, but it’s nice to feel even more normal as time goes on 🙂 I have also taken a page from your book and incorporated more strength training this year. Here’s to a good year for both of us! -Jenn

  2. I am in the process of undergoing the testing to be a kidney donor for my dad. I am a runner and have signed up for several races this year but I’m not sure what to expect post-donation and whether or not I’ll be able to do any of them (and when I’ll be able to get back to running, etc – so many questions). So I really appreciate this post and I look forward to reading more.

    • Hi Stephanie, Good luck with your testing. I was able to start running again about six weeks after the surgery. I worked up to six miles pretty quickly & did a 10k about three months after the surgery. I hope that helps. I did notice that I was much slower in my running for the whole year, but I think it’s getting better as time goes on. So, just be patient with yourself. -Jenn

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  4. I just ran across your post. I am currently going through testing to be a donor. I’ve done two IMs in the past and am signed up or IMAZ in Nov. How was it for you?

    • Hi Sunny! Good luck with the testing and with IMAZ! I loved that race, and it is definitely still my favorite IM. Within the first year after donation, the longest race I did was a half-IM. It really seemed to take a year before I was totally back to 100%. But I was able to do shorter races within six months of the surgery. I hope all goes well for you!

  5. Jenn – ookgirl – and all of you – this has been so helpful to me. I am new to triathlon, but completed IMBoulder last year and look forward to more, as well as other athletics I am involved in. I am now about to begin testing to be a donor. My concerns are not so much about IM, but just about being able to continue to have an athletic life, which is central to my health and wellbeing. Thank you so much, not only did I find kidney donation + ironman, but also + women. – Carrie

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